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ASHA Saved the Life of an Infant

Despite institutional deliveries are increased at 80.1 percentage, and out of which 70 percentage deliveries are taking place in public health facilities, there is a persistence of home deliveries across the states. There is evidence that many home deliveries are not conducted by skilled birth attendants particularly in underserved areas, and among the marginalized.

36th meeting minutes – Jane 15, 2017

Members of Advisory Group on Community Action (AGCA) present Mr Alok Vajpeyi, Director – Programmes (Acting), PFI welcomed the participants to the 36th meeting of the Advisory Group on Community Action (AGCA). He informed the group that Ms Poonam Muttreja would not be able to attend the meeting as she is unwell. Mr Vajpeyi introduced Mr Saurabh Raj, who has recently joined the AGCA Secretariat as Programme Manager. Members requested Mr A R Nanda to chair the meeting. Mr Nanda shared that the broad objectives of the meeting were to: Update on progress of AGCA activities for the period DecemberRead More…