Payment of incentives to Mitanins through the Gram Panchayat in Chattisgargh

The Mitanin or the community health worker programme was launched in Chhattisgarh in 2002. Mitanins form one of the crucial components of many of the state’s health programmes. Since the advent of the National Rural Health Mission, Mitanins are paid incentives for several health related tasks that they perform at the community level. In the past, these incentives were paid through the health system.

Grievance redressal: An example from Melghat, Maharashtra

The community monitoring programme is being implemented in Maharashtra since 2007. There is now the realization that with increased awareness on rights, there is a need for a grievance redressal mechanism to look into and resolve public grievances.

Activation of Rogi Kalyan Samiti in Bihar

Rogi Kalyan Samitis (RKS) have been formed at various levels of health facilities under the NRHM to ensure the local community’s participation in the management of these facilities. An untied fund is also provided annually to these samitis to be used for improvement of these facilities. In Bihar, while these samitis have been formed in facilities, they did not meet regularly earlier, and very often the local community was not aware of how the funds allotted were being spent. Under the Community Based Planning and Monitoring programme, district and block level NGOs have made special efforts to activate these samitis.Read More…